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Conservatives have a place in KERN COUNTY

The Bakersfield Republican Assembly (BRA) mission is to identify, recruit, educate, and train conservatives in Kern County.

We are not tied to or controlled by any business, politician and/or any other organization in Kern County.

Finally CONSERVATIVES have a place in Kern County.

Be an influential political force for positive political action.

Learn about the candidates, the issues and other pertinent BRA events/activities through your subcription to our state-wide news publication, California Republican and our local quarterly newsletters.

Participate in BRA-sponsored public forums, candidate debates, fundraising events and a host of other exciting local and state-wide events.


Join the (BRA) Bakersfield Republican Assembly

 P.O. Box 1871
 Bakersfield, CA. 93303


       March 13th Senator Dick Mountjoy
       April 24th Senator Pete Knight
       May 15th Rev.Lou Sheldon
       June Dark
       July 19th Alan Keyes
       August Dark
       Sepetember TBA
       October Conservative of the Year Event
       November TBA
       December Annual Christmas Party

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Jon Paul White President 1997